Art of Gary Waselkov
ART of Gary Waselkov
(1954- )
"Survival or Extinction"
Limited Edition
Hibiscus or Mahoe wood
Wood Block Print
Artist, Engineer, Rare book dealer, Art dealer...
Limited Edition Cast Marble
Wood Sculpture
Stone Sculpture
Limited Edition Woodblock Prints
Oil Paintings
Pen and Ink Drawings

Exhibitions since 1978. Practicing professional artist since
1980. I've exhibited extensively in Florida during my career.
Works are in numerous collections throughout the United
"Tribute to a Native"
Honduras Mahogany Wood
"Creativity, mastery of the medium and emotional and
intellectual enrichment relative to the intent and purpose of
contemporary life are important considertations of my art."
"Grain and other characteristics of the
medium and beauty of the design are
considered together and chosen so that
each may enhance the other"
"I believe beauty and sound craftsmanship are
essential elements of a piece of sculpture"
"The arrangement - the design- is considered throughout
the work for the best possible relationship of parts."
Poster size photographic
prints of my limited edition
cast marble sculptures are
available on request.

Gary Waselkov was born in Euclid, Ohio in 1954. The son of Alexander Waselkov,
artist and teacher, and Elizabeth , a librarian. One of two siblings, his brother Greg is an
archaeologist. Alexander's guidance developed a love for art at an early age. As a youth
in the mid 60's to early 70's he traveled extensively with his family to many major
museums in the United States, Italy, France, Spain, England, Holland, Greece and the
Vatican City.
Attending Ohio State University he graduated in 1976 with a B.S. degree cum laude.
Soon afterward he returned to his early interest in art and continued studying with his
father. They had their first exhibition together in 1978 in Florida. Alexander was a master
of many media but wood sculpture was a favorite. They worked and studied together in
Florida and on occasion in Alabama until Alexander's death in 1983.
Gary works out of his Cape Coral studio in southern Florida primarily in tropical and
semi-tropical woods, stone, bronze, oil, drawing and printmaking and exhibits
extensively. In 1995 he started working in cast marble and has produced a limited
edition sculpture series. In 1997 he began his figurative limited edition woodblock print
series of women. He also works in fountain designs, gold and sterling jewelry, clay
sculpture and original wood furniture design.
The range of human emotions, family, nature, wildlife and the environment are
typical themes in his work. He has a fondness for figurative subject matter often in the
form of women in imaginative shell shapes. Creativity and originality are often strong
elements of his work. He's also known for his seascapes and landscapes.
The multi-media sculptor/painter's long standing interest in fine art, book
collecting, authors and scholars led to his creation of a website in the
year 2000 that features rare books and quality fine art for sale, including his own.